Via ferratas offer special challenges

In this category you will find an overview of the difficulties of the ferry routes.

In addition, our experiences with the Höhenglücksteig in Franconian Switzerland.


Klettersteige Einstufung der Schwierigkeit


Vias Ferratas classification Via ferrata routes are classified and judged according to certain criteria. Accordingly, one can orientate one’s own ability. Via ferrata – What`s that? Via Ferrata (literally Eisenweg) is a “climbing route” on natural or artificial rock secured with ladders, iron posts, brackets (steps) and steel cables Via Ferrata Equipment Climbing helmet harness Via…

Der Höhenglücksteig zählt zu den Top 10 Klettersteigen Deutschlands


The Höhenglücksteig in the Franconian Switzerland The Höhenglücksteig is one of the classics among all-year climbing routes, totally hidden in the forest of the Hersbrucker Alb (Franconian Switzerland). In front of the actual main via ferrata is the “Via Ferrata Bambini”, a training via ferrata suitable for children. We make this as an entry. Really great…