Czech , Czech Republic or  Republic Czech?

Further information on interesting excursions, famous climbing areas, holidays and hiking in the Czech Republic (“Czech”).

General information about the Czech Republic

Czech Republic (Czech Česká republika) is a landlocked country in Central Europe with about 10.5 million inhabitants. It is bordered in the west by Germany, in the north by Poland, in the east by Slovakia and by the south by Austria. It is composed of the three historical countries of Bohemia (Čechy), Moravia (Czech Morava) and Silesia (Czech Slezsko).

The capital and largest city of the country is Prague.

Recommendations for the Czech Republic

The highest mountain  is the Schneekoppe. The border between Poland and the Czech Republic runs over its summit. On 1602 m you have -good visibility – a great and very wide view of the two countries.
Highly recommended are hikes in the Czech Switzerland. This impressive national park borders directly with the Saxonian Switzerland and the transition from Germany to the Czech Republic is in this case fluent.
Especially impressive is a tour to Prebischtor. This is the largest sandstone gate in Europe and attracts most visitors from near and far every year.

Tschechische Krone as currency

Although Czech belongs to the European Union, the euro was not introduced as a currency. You still have to pay with the Czech crown in the country.

Although the tourist-known places accept euro or other currencies, but the exchange is in so-called exchange offices.

However, it is advisable not to do this directly near the border, but rather a little further in the interior of the country. There you usually get significantly better exchange rates.

The prices are for the most part really cheap and therefore purchases of branded products are worthwhile. Purchases on the so-called “Fiji markets” are discouraged.

Prebischtor im Böhmischen National Park in Tschechien von unten


The Prebischtor – the largest natural sandstone gate in Europe The Prebischtor (Czech: Pravčická brána) is located in the Bohemian Switzerland. It is the best-known, most visited and researched object in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park, which fascinates over 100,000 visitors each year. The slender rock formation is the largest natural sandstone rock bridge in Europe. Its…

Besteigung der Schneekoppe (Tschechien)


Sněžka in the Giant Mountains – highest mountain of Czech Republic Sněžka (Sněžka) is located in the famous Krkonoše (Czech Krkonoše, Polish Karkonosze). At 1,602 meters, it is the highest mountain in the Czech Republic. South of the mountain lies in the Czech Královéhradecký the city Pec pod Sněžkou (Petzer) and north in the Polish Lower Silesian Voivodeship, the city Karpacz (Karpacz). On the…