El Cajas National Park

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El Cajas, or rather the El Cajas national park in Ecuador, lies between Guayaquil and Cuenca.

Coming from Guayaquil

During the journey between the two cities, El Cajas is crossed by all means.

The wall from Bergen is approaching continuously from Guaya (sea level).

You pass the highest point (4167 m) on the road with the view point “Tres Cruzes”.

Recommendation: The temperatures sink properly and one should prepare for the trip some warming.

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El Cajas National Park at a glance

The boxes (literally translated) were declared a protected area in 1977 and were designated as a national park in November 1996. In addition, the conservation reserve is classified as Ramsar-Feuchtgebiet and Important Bird Area.

The highest mountains surpass the 4000 mark: Cerro Arquitectos (4450 m) or Avilahuaycu (4250 m).

In the 285.44 km2 (28.544 ha) large national park there are almost 300 smaller to large lakes.

The vegetation is very different. One can find unique plants such as the paper tree (polylepsis). This casts off its bark more quickly than anything can grow on it.

The Curiquinga, a large black-and-white bird of prey, tapaculos, creeping caracaras, antepittas (Grallaria quitensis), the Giant Hummibri, which lives only from Agave blossoms, are looking for protection and habitat here the endemic hummingbird purple-flash tail (Metallura baroni). Other animals are spectacled bear, bergtapir, puma, ocelot, tiger cat (Tigrillo), toucans, foxes and rabbits.

Recommendation for the National Park El Cajas

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Before hikes I always stay in Cuenca.

Meanwhile, I travel by bus from Terminal Terrestre for 3 dollars. During the trip, I leave the road on the road.
After the tours, I stop one of the returning buses on the roadside or wait for the bus stop (e.g., police station or Laguna La Torreadora). So there have never been problems so far and I recommend.

As a hiking destination and to prepare for higher mountains in Ecuador, this great landscape is perfect. Therefore, I use the National Park El Cajas as my training area number 1.

Also recommended for adaptation and adaptation to higher mountains.

We will definitely do this before we go back to the 5,000-meter limit in Ecuador …



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