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In the meantime I have seen some great places, but my “country list” is still very small.

However, with each trip, the number of the highest mountains in a country increases as this is my kind of “main occupation” or my own focus.

Since the ten highest summits of Tenerife, the ascents of the highest points of the country have become my passion.

Each country, every summit is completely different and needs a different preparation and planning.

One thing is becoming clearer. The height of a mountain does not necessarily mean anything about the difficulty. You choose your way to the summit itself, decide on the ascent and descent and are ultimately responsible for victory or defeat.

Although the ascent of the Teide was only possible through consistent training and acclimatization, the chosen ascent of the Carrauntoohil to Ireland was, however, from the psyche, very demanding and no less exhausting.

Despite its only around 1000 altitudes, the direct rise from initially almost sea level to the lake below (about 300 hm) was a very strong effort for body and mind.

This wall offered everything you would want as an adventurer:

Steepness, danger, risk, fantastic views and untouchedness.

Traveled Countries:










Traveled countries with the ascent of the highest mountain:

Germany with the Zugspitze

Ireland with the Carrauntoohil

Tenerife with the Teide

Czech Republic with the Schneekoppe

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There are also descriptions of other experiences, such as the climbing route. In addition to an overview of the classification of fixed rope routes, a detailed report on the “Höhenglücksteig” in Franconian Switzerland offers the opportunity to experience our adventures at first hand …

Now I wish everyone a merry “rummage” in the category “Elsewhere” ;-)



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