England – the largest country in Great Britain

With its approximately 55 million inhabitants, England is the largest country in Great Britain. Its total area is 130,395 km². The English speak British English and the national currency is-as in the whole kingdom-the British Pound.

Capital London

[caption id="attachment_577" align="alignright" width="300"]London ist die Hauptstadt von England Wahrzeichen Londons: Big Ben[/caption]

London is the capital of England, which I have already visited.
More than 8.5 million people from all countries, different skin color and origin live here. With its population, London is the largest metropolitan city in the European Union, with more than 13.5 million people in the London Metropolitan Area, even before Paris (12.3 million inhabitants).

London is already a vibrant metropolis and attracts tourists from near and far.
You can read more about my experiences directly in the book.

[caption id="attachment_1647" align="alignleft" width="225"]England in Großbritannien englisches Nationalgetränk: Ale[/caption]

Typical English habits

Some habits are “very british”. This includes:
– Tea Time
– Horse race
– Left-hand traffic
– bet on everything
– Cricket as a national sport

Climatic conditions in England

“English weather” usually means nothing good: water from above, gray everyday life and no or hardly sun.

Prices for accommodation, food and walks

In principle, prices in England are higher than in Germany. If you are lucky, you will find cheap accommodation possibilities. Otherwise one should just adjust itself and it as normal accept, for its Pint beer 5 – 7 pounds, thus well 7 € to pay.

Transport – possibilities and costs

Bus and train networks are well developed and you can reach almost any place in England, the prices are accustomed higher. For long-distance buses you can make your bargain. There are also spartarife and special maps for train, suburban train and buses. These are, however, because of the multitude unclear and hardly useful in short breaks.

Mountains of England

In the Lake District National Park, in the north-west of England, there are the highest mountains in the country:

  • Scafell Pike (978 m)
  • Scafell (964 m)
  • Symonds Knott (959 m)
  • Helvellyn (950 m)
  • Ill Crag (935 m)
  • Broad Crag (934 m)


London England


London – On the trail of Jack the Ripper London is always worth the trip. The capital of England is  a vibrant metropolis that can compete with the capital cities around the world. Well over 8.5 million people from all countries, different skin color and origin live here. With its population, London is the most populous city…